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network: fix rtsp playback
By default, libavformat uses UDP for rtsp playback. This doesn't work very well. Apparently the reason is that the buffer sizes libavformat chooses for UDP are way too small, and switching to TCP gets rid of this issue entirely (thanks go to Reimar Döffinger for figuring this out). In theory, you can set buffer sizes as libavformat options, but that doesn't seem to help. Add an option to select the rtsp transport, and make TCP the default. Also remove an outdated comment from stream.c.
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- ``--reset-on-next-file=""``
Do not reset pause mode.
+ Select RTSP transport method (default: tcp). This selects the underlying
+ network transport when playing ``rtsp://...`` URLs. The value ``lavf``
+ leaves the decision to libavformat.
Adjust the saturation of the video signal (default: 0). You can get
grayscale output with this option. Not supported by all video output