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client API: deprecate opengl-cb API and introduce a replacement API
The purpose of the new API is to make it useable with other APIs than OpenGL, especially D3D11 and vulkan. In theory it's now possible to support other vo_gpu backends, as well as backends that don't use the vo_gpu code at all. This also aims to get rid of the dumb mpv_get_sub_api() function. The life cycle of the new mpv_render_context is a bit different from mpv_opengl_cb_context, and you explicitly create/destroy the new context, instead of calling init/uninit on an object returned by mpv_get_sub_api(). In other to make the render API generic, it's annoyingly EGL style, and requires you to pass in API-specific objects to generic functions. This is to avoid explicit objects like the internal ra API has, because that sounds more complicated and annoying for an API that's supposed to never change. The opengl_cb API will continue to exist for a bit longer, but internally there are already a few tradeoffs, like reduced thread-safety. Mostly untested. Seems to work fine with mpc-qt.
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@@ -33,6 +33,19 @@ API changes
--- mpv 0.29.0 ---
+ 1.28 - deprecate the render opengl_cb API, and replace it with render.h
+ and render_gl.h. The goal is allowing support for APIs other than
+ OpenGL. The old API is emulated with the new API.
+ Likewise, the "opengl-cb" VO is renamed to "libmpv".
+ mpv_get_sub_api() is deprecated along the opengl_cb API.
+ The new API is relatively similar, but not the same. The rough
+ equivalents are:
+ mpv_opengl_cb_init_gl => mpv_render_context_create
+ mpv_opengl_cb_set_update_callback => mpv_render_context_set_update_callback
+ mpv_opengl_cb_draw => mpv_render_context_render
+ mpv_opengl_cb_report_flip => mpv_render_context_report_swap
+ mpv_opengl_cb_uninit_gl => mpv_render_context_free
+ The VO opengl-cb is also renamed to "libmpv".
1.27 - make opengl-cb the default VO. This causes a subtle behavior change
if the API user called mpv_opengl_cb_init_gl(), but does not set
the "vo" option. Before, it would still have used another VO (like
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@@ -72,6 +72,8 @@ Interface changes
will probably stall.
- deprecate the OpenGL cocoa backend, option choice --gpu-context=cocoa
when used with --gpu-api=opengl (use --vo=opengl-cb)
+ - rename --vo=opengl-cb to --vo=libmpv (goes in hand with the opengl-cb
+ API deprecation, see client-api-changes.rst)
- make --deinterlace=yes always deinterlace, instead of trying to check
certain unreliable video metadata. Also flip the defaults of all builtin
HW deinterlace filters to always deinterlace.
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@@ -5221,6 +5221,9 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=gpu`` and
NOTE: On Windows, the default profile must be an ICC profile. WCS profiles
are not supported.
+ Applications using libmpv with the render API need to provide the ICC
Store and load the 3D LUTs created from the ICC profile in this directory.
This can be used to speed up loading, since LittleCMS 2 can take a while to
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@@ -428,13 +428,14 @@ Available video output drivers are:
Specify the directory to save the image files to (default: ``./``).
- For use with libmpv direct OpenGL embedding. As a special case, on OS X it
+ For use with libmpv direct embedding. As a special case, on OS X it
is used like a normal VO within mpv (cocoa-cb). Otherwise useless in any
other contexts.
- (See ``<mpv/opengl_cb.h>``.)
+ (See ``<mpv/render.h>``.)
- This also supports many of the options the ``gpu`` VO has.
+ This also supports many of the options the ``gpu`` VO has, depending on the
+ backend.
``rpi`` (Raspberry Pi)
Native video output on the Raspberry Pi using the MMAL API.