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vo_opengl, vo_opengl_cb: better hwdec interop backend selection
Introduce the --opengl-hwdec-interop option, which replaces --hwdec-preload. The new option allows explicit selection of the interop backend. This is relatively complex, and I would have preferred not to add this, but it's probably useful to debug certain problems. In exchange, the "new" option documents that pretty much any but the simplest use of it will not be forward compatible.
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@@ -19,6 +19,12 @@ Interface changes
+ --- mpv 0.24.0 ---
+ - deprecate --hwdec-api and replace it with --opengl-hwdec-interop.
+ The new option accepts both --hwdec values, as well as named backends.
+ A minor difference is that --hwdec-api=no (which used to be the default)
+ now actually does not preload any interop layer, while the new default
+ ("") uses the value of --hwdec.
--- mpv 0.23.0 ---
- remove deprecated vf_vdpaurb (use "--hwdec=vdpau-copy" instead)
- the following properties now have new semantics:
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@@ -1331,8 +1331,8 @@ Property list
This is known only once the VO has opened (and possibly later). With some
VOs (like ``opengl``), this might be never known in advance, but only when
the decoder attempted to create the hw decoder successfully. (Using
- ``--hwdec-preload`` can load it eagerly.) If there are multiple drivers
- loaded, they will be separated by ``,``.
+ ``--opengl-hwdec-interop`` can load it eagerly.) If there are multiple
+ drivers loaded, they will be separated by ``,``.
If no VO is active or no interop driver is known, this property is
@@ -1341,6 +1341,9 @@ Property list
multiple interop drivers for the same hardware decoder, depending on
platform and VO.
+ This is somewhat similar to the ``--opengl-hwdec-interop`` option, but
+ it returns the actually loaded backend, not the value of this option.
Video format as string.
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@@ -746,12 +746,12 @@ Video
In particular, ``auto-copy`` will only select safe modes
(although potentially slower than other methods).
This is useful for the ``opengl`` and ``opengl-cb`` VOs for creating the
hardware decoding OpenGL interop context, but without actually enabling
hardware decoding itself (like ``--hwdec`` does).
- If set to ``no`` (default), the ``--hwdec`` option is used.
+ If set to an empty string (default), the ``--hwdec`` option is used.
For ``opengl``, if set, do not create the interop context on demand, but
when the VO is created.
@@ -762,6 +762,19 @@ Video
to temporarily set the ``hwdec`` option just during OpenGL context
initialization with ``mpv_opengl_cb_init_gl()``.
+ See ``--opengl-hwdec-interop=help`` for accepted values. This lists the
+ interop backend, with the ``--hwdec`` alias after it in ``[...]``. Consider
+ all values except the proper interop backend name, ``auto``, and ``no`` as
+ silently deprecated and subject to change. Also, if you use this in
+ application code (e.g. via libmpv), any value other than ``auto`` and ``no``
+ should be avoided, as backends can change.
+ Currently the option sets a single value. It is possible that the option
+ type changes to a list in the future.
+ The old alias ``--hwdec-preload`` has different behavior if the option value
+ is ``no``.
Set the internal pixel format used by ``--hwdec=videotoolbox`` on OSX. The
choice of the format can influence performance considerably. On the other