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screenshot: change %w format to be more like %t
Instead of containing a format string within %w{...}, simply allow %w to specify one item of a time format string. This is simpler, more like other format specifiers (%t), and probably easier to use too.
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numbers would be more intuitive, but are not easily implementable
because container formats usually use time stamps for identifying
- ``%w{X}``
- Specify the current playback time using the format string ``X``. The
- nested time format string is contained within ``{`` and ``}``.
- ``%p`` is like ``%w{%H:%M:%S}``, and ``%P`` is like ``%w{%H:%M:%S.%T}``.
+ ``%wX``
+ Specify the current playback time using the format string ``X``.
+ ``%p`` is like ``%wH:%wM:%wS``, and ``%P`` is like ``%wH:%wM:%wS.%wT``.
Valid format specifiers:
- ``%H``
+ ``%wH``
hour (padded with 0 to two digits)
- ``%h``
+ ``%wh``
hour (not padded)
- ``%M``
+ ``%wM``
minutes (00-59)
- ``%m``
- total minutes (includes hours, unlike ``%M``)
- ``%S``
+ ``%wm``
+ total minutes (includes hours, unlike ``%wM``)
+ ``%wS``
seconds (00-59)
- ``%s``
+ ``%ws``
total seconds (includes hours and minutes)
- ``%f``
- like ``%s``, but as float
- ``%T``
+ ``%wf``
+ like ``%ws``, but as float
+ ``%wT``
milliseconds (000-999)