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cocoa-cb: change border and borderless window styling
the title bar is now within the window bounds instead of outside. same as QuickTime Player. it supports several standard styles, two dark and two light ones. additionally we have properly rounded corners now and the borderless window also has the proper window shadow. Also make the earliest supported macOS version 10.10. Fixes #4789, #3944
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@@ -4852,6 +4852,18 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=gpu`` and
OS X only.
+ Sets the styling of the title bar (default: dark).
+ OS X and cocoa-cb only
+ :dark: Dark title bar with vibrancy, a subtle blurring effect that
+ dynamically blends the background (Video) into the title bar.
+ :ultradark: Darker title bar with vibrancy (like QuickTime Player).
+ :light: Bright title bar with vibrancy.
+ :mediumlight: Less bright title bar with vibrancy.
+ :auto: Detects the system settings and sets the title bar styling
+ appropriately, either ultradark or mediumlight.
Set dimensions of the rendering surface used by the Android gpu context.
Needs to be set by the embedding application if the dimensions change during