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core: add a playlist demuxer
Modeled after the old playlist_parser.c, but actually new code, and it works a bit differently. Demuxers (and sometimes streams) are the component that should be used to open files and to determine the file format. This was already done for subtitles, but playlists still use a separate code path.
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Print a list of the available properties.
+ Normally, something like ``mpv playlist.m3u`` won't load the playlist. This
+ is because the playlist code is unsafe. (This is the same in all other
+ variations of MPlayer.)
+ See ``--playlist`` for details.
+ Note: this option will allow opening playlists using the ``playlist``
+ special demuxer. The ``--playlist`` uses different code, and supports more
+ playlist formats than the playlist demuxer. This means that for now, the
+ ``--playlist`` option should always be used if you intend to open playlists.
+ Background: the special demuxer contains newly written code, while the
+ ``--playlist`` option uses the old MPlayer code. Adding support for more
+ playlist formats to the special demuxer is work in progress, and eventually
+ the old code should disappear.
Loops playback ``<number>`` times. ``inf`` means forever and ``no`` disables
looping. If several files are specified on command line, the entire playlist