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demux_lavf: disable genpts by default, remove the builtin genpts hack
This was needed to determine PTS from DTS, but the previous commits make it unnecessary. The builtin genpts hack was used for DVD, because libavformat's genpts essentially went amok on DVD timestamp resets. See commit 65d87091 for details.
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Force a specific libavformat demuxer.
Mode for deriving missing packet PTS values from packet DTS. ``lavf``
- enables libavformat's ``genpts`` option. ``builtin`` enables equivalent
- code in mpv. ``auto`` will enable either lavf (normal playback) or builtin
- (DVD playback) in correct-pts mode. The difference between them is that
- the builtin code will not potentially read until EOF trying to derive the
- PTS (which is very bad for DVD playback). On the other hand, builtin might
- give up too early, which is why lavf is preferred normally. ``no`` disables
- both.
+ enables libavformat's ``genpts`` option. ``no`` disables it. This used
+ to be enabled by default, but then it was deemed as not needed anymore.
+ Enabling this might help with timestamp problems, or make them worse.
Pass AVOptions to libavformat demuxer.