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player: show demuxer cache buffered amount in bytes in the status line
I don't want to add another field to display stream and demuxer cache separately, so just add them up. This strangely makes sense, since the forward buffered stream cache amount consists of data not read by the demuxer yet. (If the demuxer cache has buffered the full stream, the forward buffered stream cache amount is 0.)
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@@ -1273,6 +1273,9 @@ Property list
buffering amount, while the seek ranges represent the buffered data that
can actually be used for cached seeking.
+ ``fw-bytes`` is the number of bytes of packets buffered in the range
+ starting from the current decoding position.
When querying the property with the client API using ``MPV_FORMAT_NODE``,
or with Lua ``mp.get_property_native``, this will return a mpv_node with
the following contents:
@@ -1284,6 +1287,7 @@ Property list
+ "fw-bytes" MPV_FORMAT_INT64
Other fields (might be changed or removed in the future):
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@@ -683,8 +683,10 @@ listed.
(``drop-frame-count`` property.)
- Cache state, e.g. ``Cache: 2s+134KB``. Visible if the stream cache is enabled.
The first value shows the amount of video buffered in the demuxer in seconds,
- the second value shows *additional* data buffered in the stream cache in
- kilobytes. (``demuxer-cache-duration`` and ``cache-used`` properties.)
+ the second value shows the sum of the demuxer forward cache size and the
+ *additional* data buffered in the stream cache in kilobytes.
+ (``demuxer-cache-duration``, ``demuxer-cache-state``, ``cache-used``
+ properties.)