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manpage: remove aphasemeter examples
Apparently this filter is broken in a weird way, which even makes some libavfilter functions segfault in certain conditions. Don't waste time with it and just remove the examples. Also adjust the "life" example description (certainly this filter is 100% worthless, but the example does demonstrate how to use source filters without any available input).
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.. admonition:: Examples
- - ``--lavfi-complex='[aid1] asplit [ao] [t] ; [t] aphasemeter [vo]'``
- Play audio track 1, and visualize it as video using the ``aphasemeter``
- filter.
- ``--lavfi-complex='[aid1] [aid2] amix [ao]'``
Play audio track 1 and 2 at the same time.
- ``--lavfi-complex='[vid1] [vid2] vstack [vo]'``
@@ -5256,13 +5253,11 @@ Miscellaneous
both tracks need to have the same width, or filter initialization
will fail (you can add ``scale`` filters before the ``vstack`` filter
to fix the size).
- - ``--lavfi-complex='[aid1] asplit [ao] [t] ; [t] aphasemeter [t2] ; [vid1] [t2] overlay [vo]'``
- Play audio track 1, and overlay its visualization over video track 1.
- ``--lavfi-complex='[aid1] asplit [t1] [ao] ; [t1] showvolume [t2] ; [vid1] [t2] overlay [vo]'``
Play audio track 1, and overlay the measured volume for each speaker
over video track 1.
- ``null:// --lavfi-complex='life [vo]'``
- Conways' Life Game.
+ A libavfilter source-only filter (Conways' Life Game).
See the FFmpeg libavfilter documentation for details on the available