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VF: rename vf_ass to vf_sub
This reflects the fact that this filter now renders all types of subtitles, not just ASS subtitles. Always compile this filter, not just on CONFIG_ASS. Note that --no-ass still disables auto-inserting this filter. It's the only way to disable auto-insertion, so keep it even though it's not really ASS specific anymore. --no-ass also disables using libass for rendering text subs directly.
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@@ -663,14 +663,14 @@ screenshot
not always safe to insert this filter by default. See the
``Taking screenshots`` section for details.
Moves subtitle rendering to an arbitrary point in the filter
chain, or force subtitle rendering in the video filter as opposed to using
video output OSD support.
- ``--vf=ass,eq``
+ ``--vf=sub,eq``
Moves sub rendering before the eq filter. This will put both
subtitle colors and video under the influence of the video equalizer
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@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ libmpcodecs/:
vf_*.c and vf.c form the video filter chain. They are fed by the video
decoder, and output the filtered images to the VOs though vf_vo.c. By
default, no video filters (except vf_vo) are used, though sometimes
- vf_ass.c is inserted for rendering ASS subtitles, when the VO can't.
+ vf_sub.c is inserted for rendering subtitles, when the VO can't.
ad_*.c and dec_audio.c/ad.c handle audio decoding. The audio filter chain is
separately in libaf.