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demux_mkv: try to show current subtitle when seeking
Makes sure that seeking to a given time position shows the subtitle at that position. This can fail if the subtitle packet is not close enough to the seek target. Always enabled for hr-seeks, and can be manually enabled for normal seeks with --mkv-subtitle-preroll. This helps displaying subtitles correctly with ordered chapters. When switching ordered chapter segments, a seek is performed. If the subtitle is timed slightly before the start of the segment, it normally won't be demuxed. This is a problem with all seeks, but in this case normal playback is affected. Since switching segments always uses hr-seeks, the code added by this commit is always active in this situation. If no subtitles are selected or the subtitles come from an external file, the demuxer should behave exactly as before this commit.
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:fps=<value>: output fps (default: 25)
:type=<value>: input file type (available: jpeg, png, tga, sgi)
+ Try harder to show embedded soft subtitles when seeking somewhere. Normally,
+ it can happen that the subtitle at the seek target is not shown due to how
+ some container file formats are designed. The subtitles appear only if
+ seeking before or exactly to the position a subtitle first appears. To
+ make this worse, subtitles are often timed to appear a very small amount
+ before the associated video frame, so that seeking to the video frame
+ typically does not demux the subtitle at that position.
+ Enabling this option makes the demuxer start reading data a bit before the
+ seek target, so that subtitles appear correctly. Note that this makes
+ seeking slower, and is not guaranteed to always work. It only works if the
+ subtitle is close enough to the seek target.
+ Works with the internal Matroska demuxer only. Always enabled for absolute
+ and hr-seeks, and this option changes behavior with relative or imprecise
+ seeks only.
+ See also ``--hr-seek-demuxer-offset`` option. This option can achieve a
+ similar effect, but only if hr-seek is active. It works with any demuxer,
+ but makes seeking much slower, as it has to decode audio and video data,
+ instead of just skipping over it.
Use a mixer device different from the default ``/dev/mixer``. For ALSA
this is the mixer name.