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video: remove -x/-y/-xy options
-x/-y were rather useless and obscure. The only use I can see is forcing a specific aspect ratio without having to calculate the aspect ratio float value (although --aspect takes values of the form w:h). This can be also done with --geometry and --no-keepaspect. There was also a comment that -x/-y is useful for -vm, although I don't see how this is useful as it still messes up aspect ratio. -xy is mostly obsolete. It does two things: a) set the window width to a pixel value, b) scale the window size by a factor. a) is already done by --autofit (--autofit=num does exactly the same thing as --xy=num, if num >= 8). b) is not all that useful, so we just drop that functionality.
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@@ -118,6 +118,8 @@ Command line switches
-vobsub --sub (pass the .idx file)
-ass-bottom-margin --vf=sub=bottom:top
-vc ffh264vdpau (etc.) --hwdec=vdpau
+ -x, -y --geometry + --no-keepaspect
+ -xy --autofit
=================================== ===================================
input.conf and slave commands
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(X11 and win32 only)
This tells mpv to attach to an existing window.See ``--slave-broken``.
- Scale image to width <width> (if software/hardware scaling is available).
- Disables aspect calculations.
In multi-monitor configurations (i.e. a single desktop that spans across
multiple displays) this option tells mpv which screen to display the
@@ -2344,13 +2340,3 @@
This option is not suitable to only set the startup screen (because it
will always display on the given screen in fullscreen mode),
``--geometry`` is the best that is available for that purpose currently.
- :value<=8: Scale image by factor <value>.
- :value>8: Set width to value and calculate height to keep correct aspect
- ratio.
- Scale image to height <height> (if software/hardware scaling is available).
- Disables aspect calculations.