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vd_lavc: remove explicit crystalhd support
This removes "--hwdec=crystalhd". I doubt anyone even tried to use this. But even if someone wants to use it, the decoders can still be explicitly invoked with e.g.: --vd=lavc:h264_crystalhd The only advantage our special code provided was fallback to software decoding. (But I'm not sure how the ffmpeg crystalhd pseudo-decoder actually behaves.) Removing this will allow some simplifications as soon as we don't need vdpau_old.c anymore.
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:vaapi: requires ``--vo=opengl`` or ``--vo=vaapi`` (Linux with Intel GPUs only)
:vaapi-copy: copies video back into system RAM (Linux with Intel GPUs only)
:vda: requires ``--vo=corevideo`` (OSX only)
- :crystalhd: Broadcom Crystal HD
``auto`` tries to automatically enable hardware decoding using the first
available method. This still depends what VO you are using. For example,