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options: remove --hr-mp3-seek
This didn't do anything anymore. Even before the internal audio demuxer was removed, demux_lavf was used by default for mp3. Use --hr-seek instead.
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Show short summary of options and key bindings.
- Only affects the internal ``audio`` demuxer, which is not used by default
- for mp3 files any more. The equivalent functionality is always enabled
- with the now default libavformat demuxer for mp3. Hi-res MP3 seeking.
- Enabled when playing from an external MP3 file, as we need to seek to the
- very exact position to keep A/V sync. Can be slow especially when seeking
- backwards since it has to rewind to the beginning to find an exact frame
- position.
Select when to use precise seeks that are not limited to keyframes. Such
seeks require decoding video from the previous keyframe up to the target