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hwdec: add mediacodec hardware decoder for IMGFMT_MEDIACODEC frames
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@@ -681,6 +681,7 @@ Video
:d3d11va: requires ``--vo=gpu`` with ``--gpu-context=angle``
(Windows 8+ only)
:d3d11va-copy: copies video back to system RAM (Windows 8+ only)
+ :mediacodec: requires ``--vo=mediacodec_embed`` (Android only)
:mediacodec-copy: copies video back to system RAM (Android only)
:rpi: requires ``--vo=gpu`` (Raspberry Pi only - default if available)
:rpi-copy: copies video back to system RAM (Raspberry Pi only)
@@ -2480,6 +2481,10 @@ Window
support window embedding of foreign processes, this works only with libmpv,
and will crash when used from the command line.
+ On Android, the ID is interpreted as ``android.view.Surface``. Pass it as a
+ value cast to ``intptr_t``. Use with ``--vo=mediacodec_embed`` and
+ ``--hwdec=mediacodec`` for direct rendering using MediaCodec.
Don't move the window when clicking on it and moving the mouse pointer.