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wayland: shm based software rendering
A wayland output based on shared memory. This video output is useful for x11 free systems, because the current libGL in mesa provides GLX symbols. It is also useful for embedded systems where the wayland backend for EGL is not implemented like the raspberry pi. At the moment only rgb formats are supported, because there is still no compositor which supports planar formats like yuv420p. The most used compositor at the moment, weston, supports only BGR0, BGRA and BGR16 (565). The BGR16 format is the fastest to convert and render without any noticeable differences to the BGR32 formats. For this reason the current (very basic) auto-detection code will prefer the BGR16 format. Also the weston source code indicates that the preferred format is BGR16 (RGB565). There are 2 options: * default-format (yes|no) Which uses the BGR32 format * alpha (yes|no) For outputting images and videos with transparencies
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@@ -755,3 +755,13 @@ Available video output drivers are:
JPEG DPI (default: 72)
Specify the directory to save the image files to (default: ``./``).
+``wayland`` (Wayland only)
+ Wayland shared memory video output as fallback for ``opengl``.
+ ``default-format``
+ Use the default RGB32 format instead of an auto-detected one.
+ ``alpha``
+ Use a buffer format that supports videos and images with alpha
+ informations