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vo_opengl: add infrastructure for hardware decoding OpenGL interop
Most hardware decoding APIs provide some OpenGL interop. This allows using vo_opengl, without having to read the video data back from GPU. This requires adding a backend for each hardware decoding API. (Each backend is an entry in gl_hwdec_vaglx[].) The backends expose video data as a set of OpenGL textures. Add infrastructure to support this. The next commit will add support for VA-API.
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@@ -241,6 +241,11 @@ Available video output drivers are:
Some features are available with OpenGL 3 capable graphics drivers only
(or if the necessary extensions are available).
+ Hardware decoding over OpenGL-interop is supported to some degree. Note
+ that in this mode, some corner case might not be gracefully handled, and
+ colorspace conversion and chroma upsampling is generally in the hand of
+ the hardware decoder APIs.