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vo_vdpau: add RGB support
Apparently this was dropped some years ago, but judging from MPlayer's handling of this, the original code wasn't so great anyway. The new code handling clearing of panscan borders correctly, and integrates better with the YUV path. (Although the VDPAU API sure makes this annoying with its separate surface types for RGB.) Note that we create 5 surfaces for some reason - I don't think this makes too much sense (because we can't use the deinterlacer with RGB surfaces), but at least it reduces the amount of differences with the YUV code path. Clearing the borders is done by drawing a single black pixel over the window. This sounds pretty dumb, but it appears to work well, and there is no other API for that. (One could try to use the video mixer for this purpose, since it has all kinds of features, including compositing multiple RGBA surfaces and clearing the window background. But it would require an invisible dummy video surface to make the video mixer happy, and that's getting too messy.)
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@@ -139,6 +139,10 @@ Available video output drivers are:
``#020507``, some shade of black). If the alpha component of this value
is 0, the default VDPAU colorkey will be used instead (which is usually
+ ``force-yuv``
+ Never accept RGBA input. This means mpv will insert a filter to convert
+ to a YUV format before the VO. Sometimes useful to force availability
+ of certain YUV-only features, like video equalizer or deinterlacing.
Using the VDPAU frame queueing functionality controlled by the queuetime
options makes mpv's frame flip timing less sensitive to system CPU load and