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options: drop deprecated --sub-codepage syntax
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@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ Interface changes
now actually does not preload any interop layer, while the new default
("") uses the value of --hwdec.
- drop deprecated --ad/--vd features
+ - drop deprecated --sub-codepage syntax
--- mpv 0.23.0 ---
- remove deprecated vf_vdpaurb (use "--hwdec=vdpau-copy" instead)
- the following properties now have new semantics:
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@@ -1784,8 +1784,9 @@ Subtitles
subtitles are interpreted as UTF-8 with "Latin 1" as fallback for bytes
which are not valid UTF-8 sequences. iconv is never involved in this mode.
- This option changed in mpv 0.23.0. The old syntax is still emulated to some
- degree.
+ This option changed in mpv 0.23.0. Support for the old syntax was fully
+ removed in mpv 0.24.0.
``--sub-fix-timing``, ``--no-sub-fix-timing``
By default, subtitle timing is adjusted to remove minor gaps or overlaps