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command: fix window-scale option/property inconsistencies
For some odd reason, value ranges for the window-scale option and property are different, and the property has a more narrow range. Change it to the option range. Also store the window-scale value into the option value when setting the property, so it will be persistent if the window is closed and reopened.
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@@ -2122,6 +2122,9 @@ caveats with some properties (due to historical reasons):
option is for loading playlist during command line parsing. For client API
uses, you should use the ``loadlist`` command instead.
+ Might verify the set value when setting while a window is created.
``audio-file``, ``sub-file``, ``external-file``
These options/properties are actually lists of filenames. To make the
command-line interface easier, each ``--audio-file=...`` option appends