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vd_lavc: by default, output all frames, even corrupted ones
Set the flag CODEC_FLAG_OUTPUT_CORRUPT by default. Note that there is also CODEC_FLAG2_SHOW_ALL, which is older, but this seems to be ffmpeg only. Note that whether you want this enabled depends on the user. Some might prefer that only good frames are output, while others want the decoder to try as hard as possible to output _anything_. Since mplayer/mpv is rather the kind of player that tries hard instead of being "clever", set the new default to override libavcodec's default. A nice way to test this is switching video tracks. Since mpv doesn't wait for the next key frame, it'll start feeding the decoder with a packet from the middle of the stream.
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+ Show even broken/corrupt frames (default: yes). If this option is set to
+ no, libavcodec won't output frames that were either decoded before an
+ initial keyframe was decoded, or frames that are recognized as corrupted.
``--vd-lavc-skiploopfilter=<skipvalue> (H.264 only)``
Skips the loop filter (AKA deblocking) during H.264 decoding. Since
the filtered frame is supposed to be used as reference for decoding