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video: remove automatic stereo3d filter insertion
The internal stereo3d filter was removed due to being GPL only, and due to being a mess that somehow used libavfilter's filter. Without this filter, it's hard to remove our internal stereo3d image attribute, so even using libavfilter's stereo3d filter would not work too well (unless someone fixes it and makes it able to use AVFrame metadata, which we then could mirror in mp_image). This was never well thought-through anyway, so just drop it. I think some "downsampling" support would still make sense, maybe that can be readded later.
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rotation metadata.)
- Set the stereo 3D output mode (default: ``mono``). This is done by inserting
- the ``stereo3d`` conversion filter.
+ Set the stereo 3D output mode (default: ``mono``). This is mostly broken and
+ thus deprecated.
The pseudo-mode ``no`` disables automatic conversion completely.