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@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@ Available filters are:
Filter for internal use only. Converts between signed/unsigned formats
and formats with different endian.
Implements software volume control. Use this filter with caution since it
can reduce the signal to noise ratio of the sound. In most cases it is
best to use the *Master* volume control of your sound card or the volume
@@ -268,24 +268,24 @@ Available filters are:
*NOTE*: This filter is not reentrant and can therefore only be enabled
once for every audio stream.
- ``<v>``
+ ``<volumedb>``
Sets the desired gain in dB for all channels in the stream from -200dB
to +60dB, where -200dB mutes the sound completely and +60dB equals a
gain of 1000 (default: 0).
- ``<sc>``
- Turns soft clipping on (1) or off (0). Soft-clipping can make the
+ ``<softclip>``
+ Turns soft clipping on. Soft-clipping can make the
sound more smooth if very high volume levels are used. Enable this
option if the dynamic range of the loudspeakers is very low.
*WARNING*: This feature creates distortion and should be considered a
last resort.
- ``<fast>``
- Force S16 sample format if set to 1. Lower quality, but might be faster
+ ``<s16>``
+ Force S16 sample format if set. Lower quality, but might be faster
in some situations.
.. admonition:: Example
- ``mpv --af=volume=10.1:0 media.avi``
+ ``mpv --af=volume=10.1 media.avi``
Would amplify the sound by 10.1dB and hard-clip if the sound level
is too high.