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command: add a change-list command
Requested. See manpage additions. The main reason why this goes through the trouble to keep the action/operation parameter separate is so that we don't expose some option parser implementation details to the command (although that is a relatively weak reason), and also to make it more different from the "set" command, which can't support this type of option as it goes through the property layer. Fixes #5435.
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@@ -732,6 +732,23 @@ Input Commands that are Possibly Subject to Change
``load-script "<path>"``
Load a script, similar to the ``--script`` option.
+``change-list "<option>" "<operation>" "<value>"``
+ This command changes list options as described in `List Options`_. The
+ ``<option>`` parameter is the normal option name, while ``<operation>`` is
+ the suffix or action used on the option.
+ Some operations take no value, but the command still requires the value
+ parameter. In these cases, the value must be an empty string.
+ .. admonition:: Example
+ ``change-list glsl-shaders append file.glsl``
+ Add a filename to the ``glsl-shaders`` list. The command line
+ equivalent is ``--glsl-shaders-append=file.glsl`` or alternatively
+ ``--glsl-shader=file.glsl``.
Undocumented commands: ``tv-last-channel`` (TV/DVB only),
``ao-reload`` (experimental/internal).
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@@ -448,6 +448,9 @@ aliases for the proper option with ``-append`` action. For example,
Some options only support a subset of the above.
+Options of this type can be changed at runtime using the ``change-list``
+command, which takes the suffix as separate operation parameter.
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