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vd_lavc: Add hwdec wrapper for crystalhd
This hardware decodes to system memory so it only requires a wrapper.
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@@ -625,6 +625,7 @@ Video
:rpi-copy: copies video back to system RAM (Raspberry Pi only)
:cuda: requires ``--vo=opengl`` (Any platform CUDA is available)
:cuda-copy: copies video back to system RAM (Any platform CUDA is available)
+ :crystalhd: copies video back to system RAM (Any platform supported by hardware)
``auto`` tries to automatically enable hardware decoding using the first
available method. This still depends what VO you are using. For example,
@@ -711,6 +712,11 @@ Video
``rpi`` always uses the hardware overlay renderer, even with
+ ``crystalhd`` is not safe. It always converts to 4:2:2 YUV, which
+ may be lossy, depending on how chroma sub-sampling is done during
+ conversion. It also discards the top left pixel of each frame for
+ some reason.
All other methods, in particular the copy-back methods (like
``dxva2-copy`` etc.) are either fully safe, or not worse than software