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w32_common: handle media keys
This was attempted before in fc9695e63b5b, but it was reverted in 1b7ce759b1f4 because it caused conflicts with other software watching the same keys (See #2041.) It seems like some PCs ship with OEM software that watches the volume keys without consuming key events and this causes them to be handled twice, once by mpv and once by the other software. In order to prevent conflicts like this, use the WM_APPCOMMAND message to handle media keys. Returning TRUE from the WM_APPCOMMAND handler should indicate to the operating system that we consumed the key event and it should not be propogated to the shell. Also, we now only listen for keys that are directly related to multimedia playback (eg. the APPCOMMAND_MEDIA_* keys.) Keys like APPCOMMAND_VOLUME_* are ignored, so they can be handled by the shell, or by other mixer software.
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Support depends on the VO in use.
- (OS X only)
+ (OS X and Windows only)
Enable/disable media keys support. Enabled by default (except for libmpv).
``--input-right-alt-gr``, ``--no-input-right-alt-gr``