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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ NOTE: DOCS/OUTDATED-tech/* may contain more detailed information, but most of it
is possibly or definitely outdated. This file intends to give a big
picture of how mplayer/mpv is structured.
This contains the main play loop, anything related to mplayer and playback
related initializations. It also contains the main function. Generally, it
accesses all other subsystems, initializes them, and pushes data between
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ talloc.h & talloc.c:
Documentation can be found here:;a=blob;f=lib/talloc/talloc.h;hb=HEAD
Data structures for mplayer.c and command.c. They are usually not accessed
by other parts of mplayer for the sake of modularization.
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ mp_core.h:
options.h contains the global option struct MPOpts, and its default values
are in defaultopts.c for some reason.
This translates keyboard input comming from libvo and other sources (such
as remote control devices like Apple IR or slave mode commands) to the
key bindings listed in the user's (or the builtin) input.conf and turns
@@ -95,14 +95,14 @@ input/input.c:
direction of slave mode communication, mplayer to application, consists of
random mp_msg() calls all over the code in all parts of the player.)
This contains the implementation for slave commands and properties.
Properties are essentially dynamic variables changed by certain commands.
This is basically responsible for all user commands, like initiating
seeking, switching tracks, etc. It calls into mplayer.c, where most of the
work is done, but also into other parts of mplayer.
All terminal output should go though mp_msg().
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ stream/*:
cache2.c is a horrible little thing which provides a caching wrapper around
stream implementations, needed for smooth network playback.
Demuxers split data streams into audio/video/sub streams, which in turn
yield packets. Packets (see demux_packet.h) are mostly byte chunks tagged
with a playback time (PTS). These packets are passed to the decoders.
@@ -133,29 +133,28 @@ libmpdemux/:
There are some pseudo demuxers like demux_cue.c, which exist only to invoke
other frontend code (tl_cue.c in this case).
- The main interface is in demuxer.h. A demuxer provides a list of available
+ The main interface is in demux.h. A demuxer provides a list of available
streams. Also, for each type of stream (video/audio/sub) there is a
demux_stream. This contains the current packet stream coming from the
demuxer as a linked list of demux_packets.
This contains several things related to audio/video encoding, as well as
video filters.
mp_image.h and img_format.h define how mplayer stores video frames
vd_*.c are video decoders. (There's only vd_ffmpeg.c left.) dec_video.c/vd.c
handle most of connecting the frontend with the actual decoder.
vf_*.c and vf.c form the video filter chain. They are fed by the video
decoder, and output the filtered images to the VOs though vf_vo.c. By
default, no video filters (except vf_vo) are used.
- ad_*.c and dec_audio.c/ad.c handle audio decoding. The audio filter chain is
- separately in libaf.
Video output. They also create GUI windows and handle user input. In most
cases, the windowing code is shared among VOs, like x11_common.c for X11 and
w32_common.c for Windows. The VOs stand between frontend and windowing code.
@@ -167,12 +166,17 @@ libvo/:
vo_vdpau and vo_opengl should be taken as reference.
- Audio filter chain. format.h/format.c define the audio formats.
+ format.h/format.c define the audio formats.
+ ad_*.c and dec_audio.c/ad.c handle audio decoding.
+ Audio filter chain.
- Audio outputs. (It was probably named libao2 because libao is already
- another library unrelated to mplayer?)
+ Audio outputs.
Unlike VOs, AOs can't be reconfigured on a format change. Without
--gapless-audio, even playing a new file will close and re-open the audio
@@ -192,7 +196,7 @@ sub/:
subtitle event from the demuxer and converting it to ass for display is
different from loading a text subtitle and converting it to ass.
A timeline is the abstraction used by mplayer.c to combine several files
into one seemingly linear video. It's mainly used for ordered chapters
playback. The high level code to find and load other files containing the