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VO: actually rename VOs gl -> opengl-old, gl3 -> opengl
This renames vo_gl3 to vo_opengl, and makes it the default. The old vo_gl is still available under "opengl-old". We keep "gl3" as alias to "opengl" for short-term compatibility. For OSX/Cocoa, the autoprobe order changes (prefer the "opengl" over "opengl-old"). Remove "gl_nosw". This was a compatibility alias for "opengl-old", and there's no point in keeping it.
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Video output. They also create GUI windows and handle user input. In most
cases, the windowing code is shared among VOs, like x11_common.c for X11 and
w32_common.c for Windows. The VOs stand between frontend and windowing code.
- vo_gl can pick a windowing system at runtime, e.g. the same binary can
+ vo_opengl can pick a windowing system at runtime, e.g. the same binary can
provide both X11 and Cocoa support on OSX.
VOs can be reconfigured at runtime. A config() call can change the video
resolution and format, without destroying the window.
- vo_vdpau and vo_gl3 should be taken as reference.
+ vo_vdpau and vo_opengl should be taken as reference.
Audio filter chain. format.h/format.c define the audio formats.