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options: add "choice" option type, use for -pts-association-mode
Add a "choice" option type. Options of this type take a string as input and set an int option variable to the value corresponding to the string. The string->int mapping is option-specific and is given in the option definition. Strings not found in the mapping are rejected as invalid option values. Change the option -pts-association-mode to use this new option type and accept values "auto, decoder, sort" instead of "0, 1, 2". The change in accepted values shouldn't cause problems as this option is not appropriate to use in normal user config files.
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@@ -1076,16 +1076,17 @@ MPlayer will not load or search for video segments from other files,
and will also ignore any chapter order specified for the main file.
-.B \-pts\-association\-mode <mode number>
+.B \-pts\-association\-mode auto|decode|sort
Select the method used to determine which container packet timestamp
corresponds to a particular output frame from the video decoder.
+Normally you shouldn't need to change this option.
.PD 0
-.IPs 0
+.IPs auto
Try to pick a working mode from the ones below automatically (default)
-.IPs 1
+.IPs decoder
Use decoder reordering functionality.
-.IPs 2
+.IPs sort
Maintain a buffer of unused pts values and use the lowest value for the frame.
.PD 1