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stream_file: change license to LGPL
This has a messy history all back to the initial commit with multiple refactors, but it seems almost all authors agreed. Exceptions: 2aa6acd9747: patch by someone who could not be reached. Whether or not this code is still in mpv is unknown, but the affected code was moved to stream.c at one point anyway. 3859bbd9fef: not sure if this is a patch by the mentioned person (I assume not) or the committer (who agreed to LGPL), but it seems the change is too trivial to affect copyright. It seems even the FD check can be dropped, which I'm doing in this commit. 58846451f0e: author doesn't reply. But reverting this and letting someone who has never seen this commit before redo it would lead to exactly the same code. So I'm claiming that the change is not copyrightable.
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@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ LGPL relicensing status:
stream/stream_dvd_common.* unknown
stream/stream_dvdnav.c unknown
stream/stream_edl.c LGPL
- stream/stream_file.c hard
+ stream/stream_file.c LGPL
stream/stream.h hard
stream/stream_lavf.c hard
stream/stream_libarchive.* LGPL