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cache: change license to LGPL v3
All authors have agreed to the relicensing. iive has insisted on "LGPL v3 or later", which makes the file LGPL v3. His commits are the following: 84ec57750883 9b0d8c680f63. All other contributions are LGPL v2.1. I hope we can remove these changes completely one day to make this file LGPL v2.1. iive also authored commit 3934b160a829, but this code is completely gone today. (fork() and shared memory use was removed completely in favor of threads.)
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@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@ LGPL relicensing status:
player/video.c extremely hard
stream/ai_* will stay GPL (TV code)
stream/audio_in.* will stay GPL (TV code)
- stream/cache.c medium
+ stream/cache.c LGPL 3+
stream/cache_file.c LGPL
stream/cookies.* unknown
stream/dvb* must stay GPL