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external_files: change license to LGPL
While we could easily ifdef-out this file for a LGPL core, it's still annoying, and also the only GPL file remaining in player/ that is not based on mplayer.c. This file originates from subreader.c. It's not clear whether the original author of it gave us permission to relicense to LGPL (he probably did, but without further clarification it's sort of ambiguous), but the subtitle file search code was written by other authors anyway (see 7eef93819f9d). One contribution (574eb892ea) is a bit of a corner case, as test_ext_list() now does a bstrcasecmp(). But I don't think the copyright remains here. (I asked the author anyway, just in case. But I didn't wait for the answer.) In some other cases, contributors who could not be reached added some subtitle extensions. I don't think those are copyrightable on their own, but I dropped them anyway just to be sure.
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@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ x player/command.c extremely hard (also some GPL-only things)
x player/command.h hard
x player/configfiles.c unknown
x player/core.h extremely hard
-x player/external_files.* hard (murky subreader.c origins)
+ player/external_files.* LGPL
player/lavfi.* LGPL
x player/loadfile.c extremely hard
player/lua/*.* LGPL