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ao_alsa: change license to LGPL
Looks like this is covered by LGPL relicensing agreements now. Notes about contributors who could not be reached or who didn't agree: Commit 7fccb6486e has tons of mp_msg changes look like they are not copyrightable (even if they were, all mp_msg calls were rewritten in mpv times again). The additional play() change looks suspicious, but the function was rewritten several times anyway (first time after that commit in 4f40ec312). Commit 89ed1748ae was rewritten in commit 325311af3 and then again several times after that. Basically all this code is unnecessary in modern mpv and has been removed. No code survived from the following commits: 4d31c3c53, 61ecf838f2, d38968bd, 4deb67c3f. At least two cosmetic typo fixes are not considered as well. Commit 22bb046ad is reverted (this wasn't a valid warning anyway, just a C++-ism icc applied to C). Using the constants is nicer, but at least I don't have to decide whether that change was copyrightable.
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@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@ them quite central:
- no audio filtering, which breaks: --volume, --af, replaygain, pitch
correction, fine control about downmix/upmix/resampling behavior
- Linux X11 video output
-- Linux audio output via ALSA (PulseAudio works)
- BSD audio output via OSS
- NVIDIA/Linux hardware decoding (vdpau, although CUDA usually works)
- many builtin video filters (use libavfilter instead)
@@ -59,7 +58,6 @@ The following files are still GPL only (--enable-lgpl disables them):
audio/filter/af_lavfi.c as above
audio/filter/af_scaletempo.c as above
audio/filter/af_rubberband.c as above
- audio/out/ao_alsa.c chaotic history, one later author did not decide
audio/out/ao_jack.c will stay GPL
audio/out/ao_oss.c will stay GPL
audio/audio.* needed by af code only