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ipc: some user-visible changes to prepare for making all commands async
I wanted to put all commands through mpv_command_node_async() instead of mpv_command_node(). Using synchronous commands over a synchronous transport doesn't make sense anyway. This would have used the request_id field in IPC requests as reply ID for the async commands. But the latter need to be [u]int64, while the former can be any type. To avoid that we need an extra lookup table for mapping reply IDs to request_id values, we now require that request_id fields are integers. Since this would be an incompatible change, just deprecate non-integers for now, and plan the change for a later time.
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diff --git a/DOCS/interface-changes.rst b/DOCS/interface-changes.rst
index fa42b1dc81..4afe18ae60 100644
--- a/DOCS/interface-changes.rst
+++ b/DOCS/interface-changes.rst
@@ -103,6 +103,9 @@ Interface changes
of 3D content doesn't justify such an option anyway.
- change cycle-values command to use the current value, instead of an
internal counter that remembered the current position.
+ - ipc: require that "request_id" fields are integers. Other types are still
+ accepted for compatibility, but this will stop in the future. Also, if no
+ request_id is provided, 0 will be assumed.
--- mpv 0.28.0 ---
- rename --hwdec=mediacodec option to mediacodec-copy, to reflect
conventions followed by other hardware video decoding APIs
diff --git a/DOCS/man/ipc.rst b/DOCS/man/ipc.rst
index 1a5eadfe49..0c551e8706 100644
--- a/DOCS/man/ipc.rst
+++ b/DOCS/man/ipc.rst
@@ -108,7 +108,10 @@ Because events can occur at any time, it may be difficult at times to determine
which response goes with which command. Commands may optionally include a
``request_id`` which, if provided in the command request, will be copied
verbatim into the response. mpv does not intrepret the ``request_id`` in any
-way; it is solely for the use of the requester.
+way; it is solely for the use of the requester. The only requirement is that
+the ``request_id`` field must be an integer (a number without fractional parts
+in the range ``-2^63..2^63-1``). Using other types is deprecated and will
+currently show a warning. In the future, this will raise an error.
For example, this request:
@@ -122,6 +125,11 @@ Would generate this response:
{ "error": "success", "data": 1.468135, "request_id": 100 }
+If you don't specify a ``request_id``, command replies will set it to 0.
+Commands may run asynchronously in the future, instead of blocking the socket
+until a reply is sent.
All commands, replies, and events are separated from each other with a line
break character (``\n``).
diff --git a/input/ipc.c b/input/ipc.c
index 5a820c9ad2..6568feacfa 100644
--- a/input/ipc.c
+++ b/input/ipc.c
@@ -207,6 +207,10 @@ static char *json_execute_command(struct mpv_handle *client, void *ta_parent,
reqid_node = node_map_get(&msg_node, "request_id");
+ if (reqid_node && reqid_node->format != MPV_FORMAT_INT64) {
+ mp_warn(log, "'request_id' must be an integer. Using other types is "
+ "deprecated and will trigger an error in the future!\n");
+ }
mpv_node *cmd_node = node_map_get(&msg_node, "command");
if (!cmd_node ||
@@ -404,6 +408,8 @@ error:
if (reqid_node) {
mpv_node_map_add(ta_parent, &reply_node, "request_id", reqid_node);
+ } else {
+ mpv_node_map_add_int64(ta_parent, &reply_node, "request_id", 0);
mpv_node_map_add_string(ta_parent, &reply_node, "error", mpv_error_string(rc));