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@@ -428,25 +428,6 @@ Available video output drivers are:
Specify the directory to save the image files to (default: ``./``).
-``wayland`` (Wayland only)
- Wayland shared memory video output as fallback for ``gpu``.
- .. note:: This driver is for compatibility with systems that don't provide
- working OpenGL drivers.
- The following global options are supported by this video output:
- ``--vo-wayland-alpha``
- Use a buffer format that supports videos and images with alpha
- information
- ``--vo-wayland-rgb565``
- Use RGB565 as buffer format. This format is implemented on most
- platforms, especially on embedded where it is far more efficient then
- RGB8888.
- ``--vo-wayland-triple-buffering``
- Use 3 buffers instead of 2. This can lead to more fluid playback, but
- uses more memory.
For use with libmpv direct OpenGL embedding; useless in any other contexts.
(See ``<mpv/opengl_cb.h>``.)