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github: encourage providing sample files
Also, try to save users from trying to use the github file upload function. While we're at it, also make the hint a link.
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@@ -10,8 +10,12 @@ If you're not using git master or the latest release, update.
### Log files
-Make a log file made with -v or --log-file=output.txt, paste it to,
-and replace this text with a link to it.
+Make a log file made with -v or --log-file=output.txt, paste it to
+ or a similar site, and replace this text with a link to it.
Do not bother reporting a bug if you do not provide the required information.
+### Sample files
+Sample files needed to reproduce this issue can be uploaded to
+or similar sites. (Only needed if the issue cannot be reproduced without it.) \ No newline at end of file