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github: try to get contributors to read
How hard can it be? I know is a shitty wall of text, but that doesn't make it less important, and each violation will make it take longer by adding another review round anyway. And we really don't need lazy pull requests. If you can't be assed to follow a few simple rules, your code is probably shit or you wanted to be quick and lazy. Why should we accept it? We're the ones who have to maintain it and fix bugs in it, and if the contributor is lazy, the chance of you maintaining it is probably slim as well. On the other hand, WE the maintainers are not obligated to anything. Don't say that though, the first contact doesn't need to be negative. I don't know if the "lazy pull requests" is still too strong, but I can't tell.
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-Ideally, you shouldn't need enter any text here, and your commit messages should
-explain your changes sufficiently (especially why they are needed). Read
- for coding
-style and development conventions.
+Read this before you submit this pull request:
-Remove this text block.
+Reading this link and following the rules will get your pull request reviewed
+and merged faster. Nobody wants lazy pull requests. \ No newline at end of file