BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
appstreaminstall: add AppStream metadataMartin Herkt7 weeks
appveyorappveyor: remove broken packages, install libplaceboJames Ross-Gowan2 months
buildbuild: clean up using pure functions instead of classesStefano Pigozzi4 years
cibuild: fix linking libmpv when swift features are builtAkemi18 months
clang-formatbasic formatting [tmp]Stefano Pigozzi5 years
controlleradd gamepad support through SDL2Stefano Pigozzi13 months
coreaudio-spdif-hackao_coreaudio: insane hack for passing through AC3 as float PCMwm42 years
coverity_scancocoa-cb: fix building with Swift 4.2Akemi14 months
d3d-new-hwacceld3d: add support for new libavcodec hwaccel APIwm42 years
d3d_copy_textured3d11va: copy decoder textureswm43 years
deprecate_opengl_hqvideo: deprecate opengl-hqwm44 years
display_linkcocoa: report recent flip time using display linkStefano Pigozzi5 years
displaylinktestscomment glFlushwm43 years
fix-ffmpeg-buildbuild: fix ffmpeg checksStefano Pigozzi3 years
fix-travistravis: stop excluding ffmpeg-gitRicardo Constantino20 months
frame-stats-wipmore WIP I guesswm42 years
gl-query-timerquery_timerwm44 years
json_testjsonwm44 years
libxmpupdate libxmp usagewm46 years
lockfocuslockfocus test before swap buffersStefano Pigozzi3 years
mastervo/gpu: vulkan: Pass the device name option through to libplaceboPhilip Langdale42 hours
matroska2demux_mkv: fix some potential issues with small backwards seekswm46 years
mrubymruby: add a basic ruby implementation of obsevablesStefano Pigozzi20 months
multichecktmpStefano Pigozzi21 months
native-fscocoa: reimplement --fs-mission-control and make it defaultStefano Pigozzi3 years
no-flushno flushStefano Pigozzi3 years
no-graphics-switchingremove graphic switchingStefano Pigozzi3 years
openbsd-iconvsilly meStefano Pigozzi4 years
opengl-drfix shitwm42 years
property-expand-wipintroduce new property expand + function syntaxwm42 years
release/0.1Release 0.1.7wm46 years
release/0.2Release 0.2.4wm46 years
release/0.27Release 0.27.2Kevin Mitchell18 months
release/0.28Release 0.28.2Kevin Mitchell18 months
release/0.29Release 0.29.1Jan Ekström11 months
release/0.3Release 0.3.11wm45 years
release/0.4Release 0.4.2Alessandro Ghedini5 years
release/0.5Release 0.5.4Alessandro Ghedini5 years
release/0.6Release 0.6.2Alessandro Ghedini5 years
release/0.7Update RELEASE_NOTESDiogo Franco (Kovensky)5 years
release/0.8Release 0.8.3Diogo Franco (Kovensky)4 years
release/0.9Revert "win32: fix desktop directory"James Ross-Gowan4 years
release/currentMake it clear that this branch is no longer usedMartin Herkt2 years
remove-libafremove libafwm42 years
render_abstractionmore wipwm42 years
rpi_testuse the same use flag for every rpi checkStefano Pigozzi3 years
sdl2-pixelformatsvo_sdl: fix pixel formats.Rudolf Polzer3 years
shitmessshitmesswm43 years
somethingaf_lavrresample: force libswscale to use float for downmixingwm43 years
spherical-metadatafix thingswm42 years
sub_rendersub: add capability to render subtitles ahead on a threadwm44 years
swiftremove hackStefano Pigozzi2 years
timingcocoa: get fps only from dislaylinkStefano Pigozzi4 years
udp_syncWIP: port udp_sync.c from mplayerwm45 years
uwpbuild: allow --disable-zlibwm42 years
wasapi-attempttestwm42 years
wayland-nextwayland/shm: use wl_viewportAlexander Preisinger5 years
wayland-zxdg6wayland: convert to the zxdg_v6 apiRostislav Pehlivanov3 years
win32-alphahalf-working alpha on windowswm44 years
win32-thread-simplifywin32: make m_thread_info pointer stablewm42 years