path: root/video/vdpau.c
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* video: reduce error message when loading hwdec backend failswm42015-06-201-7/+11
* vdpau: do not attempt to allocate surfaces while preemptedwm42015-05-291-10/+17
* vdpau: don't use a transparent image format for screenshotswm42015-04-071-1/+1
* vdpau: remove dead assignmentwm42015-03-231-2/+1
* command: add property returning detected hwdec APIwm42015-02-021-0/+1
* video: handle hwdec screenshots differentlywm42015-01-221-2/+79
* video: have a generic context struct for hwdec backendswm42015-01-221-0/+4
* vdpau/GLX: don't access VO backendwm42014-12-031-4/+3
* vdpau: allocate surfaces by agewm42014-08-111-1/+9
* vdpau: don't crash on flipped imageswm42014-08-051-5/+12
* video: introduce failure path for image allocationswm42014-06-171-4/+6
* video: warn if an emulated hwdec API is usedwm42014-05-281-0/+10
* vdpau: move RGB surface management out of the VOwm42014-05-221-26/+93
* vdpau: make mp_vdpau_ctx thread-safewm42014-05-101-16/+55
* vdpau: remove some codewm42014-05-101-7/+3
* vo_vdpau, vo_opengl: handle vdpau preemption differentlywm42014-05-101-7/+0
* vdpau: handle display preemption during decodingwm42014-05-101-0/+25
* vdpau: deduplicate video surface upload codewm42014-05-041-0/+33
* vdpau: remove pointer indirection for a fieldwm42014-03-191-6/+5
* vdpau: remove legacy pixel formatswm42014-03-171-13/+4
* vdpau: mp_msg conversionswm42013-12-211-4/+4
* vdpau: move device and video surface management from vo_vdpau.c to vdpau.cwm42013-11-051-2/+214
* vdpau: split off decoder parts, use "new" libavcodec vdpau hwaccel APIwm42013-07-281-0/+73