path: root/video/out/gl_utils.h
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* vo_opengl: move gl_* files to their own subdirNiklas Haas2015-09-091-143/+0
* vo_opengl: don't distinguish "real" and texture sizewm42015-09-021-1/+1
* vo_opengl: add support for custom shadersNiklas Haas2015-05-271-1/+5
* vo_opengl: add FBOTEX_FUZZY aliasNiklas Haas2015-03-261-0/+1
* vo_opengl: replace float array with a structwm42015-03-131-7/+14
* vo_opengl: refactor shader generation (part 2)Niklas Haas2015-03-121-2/+14
* vo_opengl: refactor shader generation (part 1)wm42015-03-121-4/+35
* vo_opengl: split out a helper for drawing primitiveswm42015-01-291-4/+7
* vo_opengl: some minor cleanupswm42015-01-291-0/+2
* vo_opengl: move FBO helper to gl_utilswm42015-01-291-0/+14
* vo_opengl: create abstraction for VAOswm42015-01-281-0/+23
* vo_opengl: move utility functions from loader to a separate filewm42015-01-281-0/+46