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* Rename directories, move files (step 2 of 2)wm42012-11-121-2/+2
* cleanup: Make vcd_seek_to_track() static in more filesreimar2011-06-291-1/+1
* Try to fix VCD compilation on non-Linux systems.reimar2010-04-051-0/+5
* Mark vcd_get_track_end () and vcd_read_toc() as static.diego2010-02-221-2/+2
* Add license header to all files missing it in the stream subdirectory.diego2010-01-301-0/+18
* Add a few missing header #includes and #defines.diego2010-01-041-0/+2
* whitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.diego2009-05-131-14/+14
* Add missing header #includes to fix 'make checkheaders'.diego2008-03-101-0/+3
* Add missing header #includes to fix 'make checkheaders'.diego2008-03-101-0/+4
* Add MPLAYER_ prefix to multiple inclusion guards.diego2008-02-221-3/+3
* Add missing multiple inclusion guards.diego2008-02-211-0/+4
* Only read disc info once and save it for later using.ulion2007-12-151-17/+6
* The buffer used for pread need be aligned, but currently it got an offset 23ulion2007-12-151-1/+1
* Get end position of last track by adding its starting address with track size.ulion2007-12-151-2/+17
* Simplify and fix missing offset for Darwin vcd_get/set_msf functionsreimar2007-07-291-8/+2
* Make VCD work on little-endian macsreimar2007-07-291-3/+4
* Make vcd_get_track_end actually return the end, not the start on Darwinreimar2007-07-291-1/+1
* Make the vcd seek and get track end functions actually have an effectreimar2007-07-291-0/+2
* Fix wrong return type in darwin VCD codereimar2007-07-291-1/+1
* Remove completely pointless extra return statementsreimar2007-07-271-9/+0
* Remove some unused variables, patch by timwoj ieee org.diego2007-05-281-2/+0
* introduce new 'stream' directory for all stream layer related components and ...ben2006-07-311-0/+212