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* stream_cdda: remove unused stuffwm42014-03-261-58/+0
* stream: mp_msg conversionswm42013-12-211-1/+3
* Remove some leftovers from network removalwm42013-07-071-4/+0
* stream_cddb: move structs to the file they're used indiego2010-11-021-18/+0
* stream_cdd*: Move declarations for stream_cddb.c functions to cdd.hdiego2010-11-021-0/+4
* stream_ccda: Move cdda_priv structure to the only place it is useddiego2010-11-021-22/+0
* Fix cd_info_new() prototype.cehoyos2010-02-271-1/+1
* Add license header to all files missing it in the stream subdirectory.diego2010-01-301-0/+18
* Add a few missing header #includes and #defines.diego2010-01-041-0/+1
* whitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.diego2009-05-131-1/+1
* Rename a bunch of miscellaneous preprocessor directives.diego2008-08-071-2/+2
* Add MPLAYER_ prefix to multiple inclusion guards.diego2008-02-221-3/+3
* Do not use leading underscores in multiple inclusion guards, they are reserved.diego2007-07-021-3/+3
* introduce new 'stream' directory for all stream layer related components and ...ben2006-07-311-0/+77