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* Remove trailing whitespace from most filesUoti Urpala2009-07-071-7/+7
* Merge svn changes up to r28310Uoti Urpala2009-01-151-3/+4
| * Simplify and comment spudec bilinear scaling codereimar2009-01-011-3/+4
* | Merge svn changes up to r27841Uoti Urpala2008-10-281-25/+61
| * Factorize vobsub idx/extradata handling.aurel2008-10-271-25/+61
* | Make various functions staticUoti Urpala2008-08-121-2/+3
* | Merge svn changes up to r26979Uoti Urpala2008-06-041-1/+1
| * cosmetics: Remove useless parentheses from return statements.diego2008-05-161-1/+1
* | Add context variable to vo_draw_text callbackUoti Urpala2008-04-231-3/+3
* | Add new video driver APIUoti Urpala2008-04-231-5/+5
* FFmpeg now uses different (unified) #include paths.diego2008-02-251-5/+1
* Add an extra check to avoid a case that cause black lines in scaledreimar2008-01-101-0/+2
* Vobsub support tridx setting in .idx file.ulion2007-12-191-0/+2
* Fix spudec to display current vobsub immediately after a seek.ulion2007-12-111-15/+19
* Mark several uses of vo_functions_t as const to stop some of the currentreimar2007-12-021-2/+2
* Remove stray line that slipped through in last commit.ulion2007-11-301-1/+0
* Fix warnings:ulion2007-11-301-3/+4
* Cosmetics: Remove empty block.cehoyos2007-08-081-4/+1
* bbox[n] and spu->scaled_start_row are unsigned, comparison with 0 is pointless.cehoyos2007-08-081-4/+0
* Revert r23530.voroshil2007-06-211-115/+0
* Teletext support for tv:// (v4l and v4l2 only)voroshil2007-06-101-0/+115
* Replace MIN with FFMINreimar2007-03-011-5/+3
* Fix build with shared libavutil. Approved by Diego.rathann2006-12-311-0/+4
* Use PIX_FMT_* instead of IMGFMT_* when calling sws_getContext()lucabe2006-09-171-1/+2
* Move postproc ---> libswscalelucabe2006-06-301-1/+1
* Fix some subtitles that didn't show.reimar2005-06-191-0/+2
* Fix black line on right of subtitle with -spuaa 4 by setting alpha ofreimar2005-01-081-9/+6
* passing an array or double precission parameters for the scaling function, in...michael2004-09-181-1/+1
* many small typo and grammar fixesgabucino2003-10-041-1/+1
* Forced subtitles patch by Arne Driescher <>attila2003-09-211-2/+25
* sws_ prefix, more seperation between internal & external swscaler APImichael2003-02-231-8/+8
* Improved subtitle queueing, parameters (start_pts, end_pts, palette, alpha)ranma2003-02-161-172/+202
* Fix "invalid fragment" handling.ranma2003-02-161-0/+1
* Improvements to spudec (DVD/VobSub) subtitle code:rfelker2003-01-241-36/+103
* I have seen problems where DVD subtitles don't displayarpi2003-01-081-81/+150
* All right: The patch adresses two issues which I found, when I analyzedarpi2002-10-151-3/+8
* Put all spudec_new stuff in a single function,kmkaplan2002-08-061-21/+5
* Make spudec_assemble more resistent in the face of incomplete packets.kmkaplan2002-07-241-5/+16
* Suppress garbage at the end of some subtitles.kmkaplan2002-06-171-1/+4
* - hardened a bit the new bilinear algo (missing checks)pl2002-05-291-13/+26
* avoids malloc()ing a negative number (== very big size_t)pl2002-05-291-3/+14
* spu/vobsub speedup patch, new all better bilinear scaler similiar to win vobs...atmos42002-05-281-3/+114
* Bounding box and partial update patch for vob/dvdsub by Hephooey.atmos42002-05-251-2/+32
* Improvment for spu subtitles.albeu2002-05-171-19/+44
* Suggested fix byatmos42002-04-301-2/+2
* guessing palette - patch by salvador <>arpi2002-04-291-5/+67
* VobSub updates, custom palette support and other stuff, can't write the name ...atmos42002-04-251-0/+28
* new osd code, use osd objs to follow changes and do minimal updatesarpi2002-04-151-0/+7
* fixed SPU pts, it's 1024/90000 based instead of 1/100arpi2002-04-041-1/+1
* spudec_update_palette() added - dvdnav patch by Kees Cook <>arpi2002-04-031-0/+15
* * New command line switch for mplayer & mencoder:kmkaplan2002-03-291-6/+7
* 10l accidently commited an already customized version with different default ...atmos42002-02-221-1/+1
* Forgot to commit with vo_sdl osd patch.atmos42002-02-221-2/+3
* Add a third scaling algorithm wich should be faster. Select bykmkaplan2002-01-151-3/+49
* Fix brightness of subtitleskmkaplan2002-01-121-3/+3
* Add spudec_new_scaled and spudec_draw_scaled for vobsub support.kmkaplan2002-01-101-39/+310
* dvdsub pts fix, based on patch by Kim Minh Kaplanarpi2001-12-281-8/+8
* printf->mp_msgarpi2001-12-281-17/+18
* more stable and reliable spudec packet reassemblerarpi2001-12-281-0/+25
* dvd seeking -> subtitle disappearing bugs fixedarpi2001-12-251-2/+10
* fixes warningspl2001-12-251-0/+1
* Patch by Kim Minh Kaplan <>:pl2001-12-091-17/+27
* Fix spudec compile with libdvdread enabled.atmos42001-11-281-0/+1
* spudec_new has a dvd_priv_t as an argument, which is defined inpl2001-11-281-0/+5
* unistd.h required at least by FreeBSDnexus2001-11-281-0/+1
* Palette support for SPU decoder.atmos42001-11-271-48/+30
* subtitles looked bad here (inverted colors sometimes)pl2001-11-201-1/+5
* DVD sub patch by Kim Minh Kaplan <>arpi2001-11-201-96/+312
* (C) fixedarpi_esp2001-04-301-1/+1
* spudec_decode() moved from mplayer.c to spudec.carpi_esp2001-04-211-0/+29
* Separated dvdsub code to be able to work with it easierlgb2001-04-211-0/+88