path: root/player/lavfi.c
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* lavfi: temporary workaround for FFmpeg av_buffersrc_parameters_set() bugwm42017-02-221-0/+9
* lavfi: support hwdec filters for --lavfi-complexwm42017-02-201-0/+18
* lavfi: use AVBufferSrcParameterswm42017-02-201-23/+34
* lavfi: use mp_image to store the filter pad formatwm42017-02-201-16/+19
* lavfi: fix minor memory leakwm42017-02-131-9/+11
* lavfi: cosmetics: more consistent variable namingwm42017-02-091-3/+3
* lavfi: slightly better disconnected output handlingwm42017-02-081-6/+14
* lavfi: shut up false positive compiler warningswm42016-04-261-2/+8
* lavfi: dump the filter graphwm42016-02-121-0/+13
* lavfi: stop playback on some unrecoverable situationswm42016-02-101-1/+3
* lavfi: fix EOF casewm42016-02-061-3/+4
* lavfi: fix build on Libavwm42016-02-051-0/+2
* player: add complex filter graph supportwm42016-02-051-0/+722