path: root/osdep/atomics.h
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* osdep: rename atomics.h to atomic.hwm42016-09-071-132/+0
* atomics: readd some emulationwm42016-09-061-0/+43
* build: always require atomicswm42016-08-051-21/+8
* Relicense some non-MPlayer source files to LGPL 2.1 or laterwm42016-01-191-7/+7
* atomics: cleanup HAVE_ATOMICS definewm42015-08-131-5/+0
* ao: make better use of atomicswm42015-05-111-0/+1
* atomics: add atomic_fetch_and/atomic_fetch_orwm42015-05-111-7/+20
* msg: use relaxed atomics for log level testwm42015-03-021-0/+5
* atomics: add atomic_compare_exchange_strong()wm42014-11-091-0/+11
* Move compat/ and bstr/ directory contents somewhere elsewm42014-08-291-0/+77