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* Move dvdsub_id to options structUoti Urpala2008-04-231-2/+5
* Move global vo_config_count to vo structUoti Urpala2008-04-231-2/+1
* noconfig fix, disable_gui_conf was not defined when compiling mencoder.albeu2008-04-151-1/+3
* Add options to disable some or all config files.albeu2008-04-141-0/+26
* Support 'default' attribute for audio and subtitle tracks.eugeni2008-03-301-0/+2
* Select audio stream in mplayer and mencoder, overriding demuxer decision.eugeni2008-02-291-0/+13
* Reindentreimar2008-01-271-10/+10
* Simplify subtitle handling with -assreimar2008-01-271-8/+6
* Support mov subtitle format directly instead of converting to text in the dem...reimar2008-01-271-2/+8
* Remove global_ass_track. Instead create an ass_track for each 't' track.eugeni2008-01-111-4/+3
* Move all subtitle parsing from mkv demuxer to update_subtitles().eugeni2008-01-111-8/+24
* Whitespace-only cosmetics: get rid of tabsreimar2008-01-061-94/+94
* Fix update_subtitles() checking subtitle type for the wrong track.eugeni2007-12-281-2/+3
* Fix spudec to display current vobsub immediately after a seek.ulion2007-12-111-1/+1
* Decrease teletext page rendering frequency from 1/frame to about 4/sec.voroshil2007-09-081-0/+11
* Teletext supportvoroshil2007-07-291-0/+21
* Revert r23530.voroshil2007-06-211-31/+0
* Teletext support for tv:// (v4l and v4l2 only)voroshil2007-06-101-0/+31
* Move some subtitle handling from mplayer.c to mpcommon.c and share it with me...reimar2007-02-171-0/+140