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* Add MPLAYER_ prefix to multiple inclusion guards.diego2008-02-231-3/+3
* Remove $Id$ tags, they make diffs between different versionsreimar2008-01-271-1/+0
* Fix a ton of illegal identifiers. Identifiers starting with __ or _ and adiego2008-01-201-3/+3
* Remove leading underscores from multiple inclusion guards,diego2007-09-131-3/+3
* CVS --> Subversion in copyright noticesdiego2006-06-221-2/+2
* Mark modified imported files as such to comply with GPL ยง2a.diego2005-04-151-0/+6
* avifile sync - 95% cosmetics 5% bugarpi2002-09-131-261/+6
* SetCodecPath -> win32_codec_namearpi2001-08-121-1/+2
* Add prototypes to wine/loader stuff, so that we can catch __stdcall functionjkeil2001-07-121-1/+2
* DLL loader updated from avifile-0.60beta4arpi_esp2001-03-181-1/+3
* Initial revisionarpi_esp2001-02-241-0/+286