path: root/input/ipc.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ipc: make sure --input-file=/dev/stdin always workswm42014-11-071-7/+20
* ipc: make it possible to receive log messageswm42014-11-011-0/+13
* ipc: add a command to retrieve API versionwm42014-11-011-0/+4
* ipc: verify resume/suspend commandswm42014-11-011-4/+16
* input: resolve ~ and similar for --input-filewm42014-10-241-2/+3
* Set thread name for debuggingwm42014-10-191-0/+5
* ipc: skip empty and commented lineswm42014-10-191-2/+4
* ipc: accept both JSON and "old" commandswm42014-10-191-30/+27
* ipc: fix minor error cleanup issueswm42014-10-191-8/+8
* ipc: decouple from MPContextwm42014-10-191-41/+43
* ipc: fix a small memory leakwm42014-10-171-1/+2
* input: implement --input-file on unix using the IPC supportAlessandro Ghedini2014-10-171-11/+55
* input: implement JSON-based IPC protocolAlessandro Ghedini2014-10-171-0/+723