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* options: change option macros and all option declarationswm42020-03-181-3/+0
* command: reduce OSC/stats log spamwm42019-12-191-0/+1
* input: export input.conf comments ot input-bindings propertywm42019-11-231-0/+1
* input: change mp_cmd.original from bstr to cstrwm42019-11-231-1/+1
* input: add text produced by key to script key eventswm42019-11-221-0/+1
* input: remove now unused "abort command" and cancel infrastructurewm42018-05-241-7/+0
* player: make various commands for managing external tracks abortablewm42018-05-241-0/+3
* cmd: do not use a random value for MP_CMD_OPT_ARGwm42018-05-241-1/+1
* command: add a way to abort asynchronous commandswm42018-05-241-0/+4
* command: add a subprocess commandwm42018-05-241-0/+1
* input: remove unused fieldwm42018-05-241-1/+0
* command: add infrastructure for async commandswm42018-05-241-1/+17
* input: move an enum back to its correct placewm42018-05-241-13/+0
* input: rename weirdly named functionwm42018-05-031-1/+2
* input: move some more cmd definitions to cmd.hwm42018-05-031-0/+64
* input: merge cmd_list.c with cmd.cwm42018-05-031-0/+32
* input: rename cmd_parse.h to cmd.hwm42018-05-031-0/+55