path: root/filters/f_output_chain.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* f_output_chain: remove a redundant variablewm42018-04-291-4/+2
* f_output_chain: log status of auto filterswm42018-04-291-0/+10
* f_output_chain: log input instead of output formatwm42018-04-291-44/+38
* video: pass through container fps to filterswm42018-04-191-7/+0
* audio: change format negotiation, remove channel remix fudgingwm42018-04-151-223/+43
* audio: improve behavior if filters output nothing during probingwm42018-02-211-1/+4
* f_output_chain: remove unused got_input_eof fieldwm42018-02-031-3/+1
* audio: move to decoder wrapperwm42018-01-301-2/+7
* video: make decoder wrapper a filterwm42018-01-301-5/+9
* audio: rewrite filtering glue codewm42018-01-301-2/+353
* video: rewrite filtering glue codewm42018-01-301-0/+564